I am Andrew Gill. 



I am available for weddings, portraits, band photos and events. I tailor my pricing to your needs. I am based in Chicago, but will travel.

I believe in capturing the unspoken truths of all people through photography. 

Due to my day job at WBEZ, I can only fit a limited number of photography gigs into my schedule.

A few thoughts on wedding photography: When it comes to shooting weddings, I pride myself on breaking through the "wedding industrial complex" and providing high quality service for a fair price. One thing this means is that you own all the photos I take of you. When you own your digital negatives you can print them wherever you like and won't be limited to buying overpriced prints from a vendor giving me a kickback. It also means that my wedding packages start around $2000 and that I can sleep peacefully at night.

If you have an occasion you'd like to hire me to photograph, please email or call me at 312/371.3314 for a consultation.

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